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Please refer to the Pony Club Information Booklet
for a comprehensive set of rules & guidelines


  1. Papatoetoe Pony Club shall abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Papatoetoe Pony Club Constitution.

  2. Grazers on Club grounds shall abide by the conditions of the Grazing Rules and the Grazing Agreement.

  3. Approved helmets with a red tag are to be worn whilst riding at all times on Pony Club grounds.

  4. Bad language, excessive use of a whip or spurs will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately by the most senior person present at the time or referred to a Committee member.

  5. You must not exceed the speed limit of 15km per hour when driving down the drive way or anywhere around the Club.

  6. Sick paddocks are available for sick or injured horses but cannot be used without permission. Horses may not be ridden whilst residing in the sick pens. Sick pens must be cleaned daily when in use. Horses in sick pens must be given hard feed and hay daily.

  7. There is no lunging in arenas 1, 2 or 3.  Lunging is only permitted in the lunging arena.  Jumps are not permitted in the lunging arena.

  8. When jumping there must be one other person present.

  9. When jumping cross-country you must wear a back protector.

  10.  All droppings must be picked up from the arenas, covered pens, driveways and outside yards and transferred to the designated manure pile (located at the back of the covered pens).  
    Hay is not to be fed in the covered pens.  Please use the outside grass pens if you need to feed hay.
    The covered pens must be swept after use to remove all debris and feed and when necessary washed if the horse has urinated to eliminate smells and reduce flies in the area. 

  11. Club uniform is to be worn at all rallies and closed events.

  12. Boots with heels must be worn in stirrups. 

  13. Horses must not be ridden in head collars/halters – bridles only.

  14. All dogs must be on a lead at all times and under control.

  15. Horses must not be left unattended in the concrete pen area for long periods of time,   On competition days horses must be put into the outside grass yards so they are not standing on the concrete yards for long periods of time. 

  16. Non members are only permitted to use Papatoetoe pony club grounds during Organized Events, Open Days and Clinics approved by the Committee.

  17.  Horses under four years’ old, unbroken horses and stallions are not permitted on the grounds. 

  18. No jumps are to be left up in Arena 3.

  19. Only four jumps are to be put up in Arena 2. If you require anymore for a lesson, please remember to put them away.

  20. Shoeing must be carried out only in the designated concrete shoeing bays. Shoeing should not be done on the wash-pad or any of the other pens. All old shoes, nails and clippings must be swept up afterwards.

  21. Floats and trucks are to be stored in the designated “Float and Truck” area only and not anywhere else on the grounds. Please refer to the Float/Truck Parking Application form on the website for more information.

  22. Accidents should be reported to the Health and Safety Officer of the Club, contact details are on the Hazard Co sign and letterbox. The First Aid Kit can be located in the cupboard of the Ladies Toilet at the Pavilion. 

  23. Gate tags are for members only and remain the property of Papatoetoe Pony Club. New gate tags are available from the Membership Secretary. Please ensure the Main Gates remain closed unless you are expecting a Visitor such as a Vet, Farrier, Instructor to the Club. If you are the last to leave the Club you must ensure the Main gates are securely closed.   

  24. During winter months arena lights can be used. They must be turned off before you leave the Club. Switches for these are located on the outside wall of the Pavilion between the male and female toilets. The other switch is located on the far side of Arena 2 on the light pole nearest the side arena gate. Arena lights must be switched off at 8.30 pm to comply with Council Regulations.

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