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Grazing Rules


  1. All grazers must be financial members before an application for grazing will be accepted. This is not an acceptance of grazing rights. Pony Club members have preference over Adult Ride members.

  2. At any time an Adult Ride member can be asked to leave the grazing to accommodate Pony Club members.

  3. To be eligible for grazing on the Pony Club property the horse must be no less than 4 years of age. The horse must be broken in and rideable. A stand down period of 6 months will apply to horses recently gelded, and a Vet Certificate will need to be attached to the Application Form and accepted by the committee.

  4. Horses that are known windsuckers will be assessed on an individual basis by the committee and if allowed onto the grounds must at all times wear a preventative collar.

  5. All applications for grazing must be approved by the committee and the applicant must have filled out the appropriate forms for the committee to make their decision. Forms can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.

  6. Upon acceptance horses must be pasted and be immunised for Tetanus/Strangles prior to coming onto Pony Club grazing. Owner must produce a Vet Certificate or proof of purchase to this effect.



  1. The grazing member must pay grazing fee by automatic bank payment one month in advance. Fees as from 1 November 2017 $120.00 per month. This is to be done on the first of each month and must be arranged before the member takes up grazing.

  2. Failure to pay grazing fees will result in removal of grazing privileges.

  3. Floats/Trucks can be parked at Pony Club - see Grazing Officer for fees and application form.



  1. Horses must be checked a minimum of five times a week by owner or family member.

  2. Neglect or ill treatment will not be tolerated at anytime. The wellbeing of the horses grazing on Pony Club grounds is a direct reflection upon the Club and its members.

  3. Drenching and Pasting will be arranged by the Grazing Officer. Product will be supplied by the Pony Club and all grazing members must meet on the arranged day/time to collect and pay for the Product. Failure to do so will incur a $35.00 fee per horse unless prior arrangements have been made.

  4. Hard feed is not to be fed within the same paddock or outside of the paddock where horses are grazing for obvious safety reasons.

  5. Hay will be supplied at the Grazing Officers discretion and grazing members may be asked to help with this duty.

  6. In the case of veterinary emergencies, your nominated vet will be called immediately and all fees incurred will be at the graziers cost.


  1. Horses graze communally and will be rotated as instructed by the Grazing Officer. Currently mares and geldings are separated and rotated on a regular basis.

  2. Paddocks may be set up to accommodate horse/horses with special requirements at the committee’s discretion.  This may incur an extra charge.

  3. Grazing members may be given tasks such as trough cleaning, weed control or feeding hay etc. These tasks must be completed to the Grazing Officers or Committees satisfaction.

  4. It is the responsibility of all grazing members to report any damage caused to fencing, troughs etc. including pens and club rooms. The Pony Club reserves the right to ask the owner of the horse to reimburse or compensate the Pony Club for any damage caused.

  5. Grazers are not allowed to change paddocks, put up pens/tape at their own discretion.



  1. All grazers must notify the Grazing Officer when a horse will be removed overnight or longer.

  2. No one may disregard the Grazing Officers instructions.

  3. Horse owners with club grazing must participate in 60% of the rallies on the mount grazed.

  4. If required, on competition days horses must be caught and moved no less than 1 hour before the start time.

  5. The Pony Club has the right to ask the owner to remove the horse if it is deemed extremely troublesome to other horses, grazers and people or does not fit into communal grazing.

  6. Grazers horses must be placed where the Grazing Officer deems fit. Grazers must be available to move their horses when requested or have made prior arrangement to have them moved by someone else.


It is a privilege to graze on Pony Club grounds and it is in the best interest of all grazers that every one of you ensures the safety and welfare of all horses grazing. If there is a problem at any time do not hesitate to contact the Grazing Officer in the first instance or any other committee member.


In the event that one or any of these rules are not complied with, will at the discretion of the Pony Club lead to the termination of grazing rights on the Clubs grounds.

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